Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ruby's "Nursery" pictures

I've gotten a few requests to post some pics of Ruby's "nursery". I use that term loosely since half of her stuff is in my bedroom and the other half is in our guest bedroom. But it is all adorable nonetheless! I'm also not painting anything just yet because we're starting to get offers on the house (fingers crossed that I'm not "homeless" when Ruby's born!). Anyway, here are a few fun pictures of her things.

Ruby's last baby shower with the Pink Ladies!

My work has blocked this site now, so I don't have much of an opportunity to update now. Sorry for the delay!

Here are a few pics from the baby shower that Ruby's Godmothers and their mom's threw us. It was at Lindsay's house in Fort Worth. Everything was so adorable and we had such a great time. I love you ladies!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mini-Vacation to Colorado

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to get to go to Denver, CO, for what will probably be my last vacation for quite some time (yes, I got my OB's permission first). I went to a wedding of a close family friend, Roy Swanson. It was so great to be back in Colorado - somehow it still feels like "home" even after almost 19 years.... It was good to see our friends and their families and I had a great time. The trip was too short though and I was back in Dallas before I knew it. Here's a picture from the reception. Ruby was a good traveler - I can't wait to take her back to Colorado when she can actually enjoy the trip herself!

I've been kind of feeling under the weather ever since I got back - I think it's a combo of expected pregnancy stuff and the "Fall Bug" that's been going around the office. I'm actually borderline miserable, and spend most of my day dreaming about being back in bed. Hopefully this will pass soon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ruby's First Maverick's Game

I got to go to a Mav's game last night with our guy-friends (Damian has season tickets with them but was out of town on business, so I got to go)! We had a really fun time, despite the fact that the Mav's lost in admirable fashion. This pic was in the 4th quarter - notice how everyone has already cleared out!

Big thanks to Greg, Josh, & Caleb for taking such good care of me at the game - I felt like I had my own private entourage! Ruby liked the music - she would start kicking when it played. Hopefully I'll get to go to some more games in the next month or so!!!

Another wonderful shower!

Last weekend was the shower that my mom and her girlfriends had for me. It was so much fun! The food was fantastic and it was so neat to get to see our family friends. The lovely hostesses did a wonderful job and I'm pretty sure that they might have had a little bit of fun doing it. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! We had a raffle for a spa gift certificate for everyone who brought a package of diapers (I filled my entire car with diapers!), we played some fun games (Nana, you need to brush up on your nursery rhymes...), and got to gab with friends that I haven't seen in a while.

Thank you to everyone who came! It was so much fun. Each of you are such a beautiful blessing in our lives - words can't express how appreciative I am that you have been there for my family. I love you all!

Here is the glider (and ottoman) that the Shaver family gave me, as well as the custom changing table that Liz made - it matches Ruby's nursery perfectly!!!