Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Ruby has begun taking ballet classes with Texas Ballet Theater!  I've been a big supporter of TBT for a few years, offering to help whenever I can, not only because some of their staff and their dancers are my closest friends, but also because I believe in promoting the arts in our community!

To say that Ruby loves her ballet class is an understatement.  She now tip-toes through the house in her tutu and will gladly show you some of her latest moves (most of which involve running quickly in a circle).... Hey - the name of the class is "Creative Movement," so I wasn't anticipating an early admission to Juilliard at this point.  The smile on Ruby's face shows me that it is worth it.

Ruby seems to be quite well known up at the TBT Studios - the dancers recognize her and Ruby just basks in the attention.  I hope that Ruby grows to have the same appreciation and love of the arts that I do - it's amazing how much beauty is in our world if you take the time to notice it.

"Tiny had a busy day today."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A "Yellow" 3rd Birthday

A few months ago, I asked Ruby what kind of birthday party that she wanted for her 3rd birthday.  Her reply was simply "Yellow."  I thought "Yellow?  Well, that's.....obscure....." 

After a few weeks of re-confirming that she did, in fact, want a yellow birthday party I did what any sane parent would do and I turned to Pinterest.  Obviously.  So, it turns out that color-themed birthday parties for toddlers is a thing (who knew), and I was able to find some cute ideas and inspirations. 

Ruby's birthday is December 22, but to avoid the Christmas hustle and bustle and other obligations we always have her party the second weekend of January.  January in Texas can be hit-or-miss.  Sometimes it's a frigid, miserable, windy, wet wasteland, and sometimes the heavens open and the angels sing and the weather is absolutely gorgeous.  The weekend of Ruby's party, the angels were singing.  It was about 65 degrees, sunny, and wonderful.

I ordered a custom party package from a great company that I found on Etsy, called Anders Ruff.  They designed the invitations, all of the paper decorations including the bunting banner, and the thank-you cards.  It was so fun to have the custom designs and decorations!

She wanted Yellow, so I gave her Yellow! 
All of the food was yellow - we had curried chicken salad, mac-n-cheese "cupcakes", fiesta corn dip, yellow cupcakes, yellow sugar cookies, yellow candy, goldfish, and bananas.

Close up of the mac-n-cheese "cupcakes"

Feel free to judge me, but these are not homemade cupcakes.  Sure, I love a good homemade cupcake any day of the week, but if I have a choice I'll always pick these store-bought ones with whipped icing.  I could eat that icing by the bucket-full.  I only wish I was kidding.

In addition to the custom water bottles, we had lemonade and orange juice.

The party favors for the guests were Nana's homemade (yellow) meringue cookies.  Ruby helped to make them and they are some of her favorite cookies.

Some of the pretty birthday flowers.

Without realizing it, I even coordinated the outdoor landscaping to match the theme. 

When it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Ruby, she wanted us all to stand in a circle and hold hands while we sang.  And she sang to herself also.  Aaaaaadorable.

The birthday girl and her cupcake.  That hat is from her first birthday, but she was very insistent that she wanted to wear it for her third birthday as well. 
Her dress is from an adorable shop here in Fort Worth called Snug as a Bug.  If I have anything to do with it, Ruby will wear smocked dresses until she's in college.  I love these things.

Ruby had so many gifts that she had to enlist some assistance. 
Getting some good help from her friends Hazel and Frances.

The trampoline was a HUGE hit - the kids played outside in the back yard for most of the party.  I have a ton of pictures of the kids with their hair standing up like this - pretty darn cute if you ask me! 
This is Ruby and her sweet friend Isaac from church. 

I didn't realize until after all of the guests had left that in the craziness of the day, I hadn't even gotten a picture with the birthday girl.  So before Nana walked out the door, I had her snap this shot.  We're two very tired and very happy girls.

I can't say enough how blessed we are with such amazing friends and family.  I was absolutely overwhelmed with the number of people that were able to come and celebrate with us.  As a single mommy, sometimes things feel pretty isolated and lonely.  But then moments like this weekend come along when the outpouring of love and support reminds me that I don't always have to be superwoman - my friends will love me regardless.  I appreciate each and every one of you for helping to make my princess's day so special.  My face is still sore from smiling so hard all day.

And to Ruby - Happy Birthday sweet baby.  I love you more and more every minute.  I am continually amazed how each day you bless me in a new way.  I am so lucky to be your mommy.  I love you with all of my heart.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Watch out, HGTV

As many of you may know, Ruby asked Santa for a big-girl bed for Christmas.  Well, Santa delivered.  Not only that, but she got new bookshelves from Ikea, as well as a 32-inch LED LCD TV.  Lucky duck!

Here are the before pictures of her cluttered nursery.  It's organized chaos.  Don't judge, ok?

The Ikea instructions were very clear that if you assembled these alone, you would end up sad and confused.  If you had a partner, you would be happy and successful.  So (of course) I decided to do this all by myself, while drinking a glass of wine.  This should go well, right???

Aaaaaand the glorious AFTER picture!

Watch out, HGTV.  I'm coming for ya!  She loooooves it, by the way.