Monday, January 18, 2010

Ruby is ONE!!!

Happy Birthday, sweet baby!

Ruby turned one on December 22. We had a fun birthday party out at Nana and Grandpa's house that evening for all of Ruby's weekday friends - she and Nana have quite the busy social schedule during the week. Ruby had a ball and enjoyed her cupcake!

I had my birthday party for Ruby on January 9th - we wanted to wait until after the holidays were over. It was such a perfect day! Ruby was a little smiley angel and had so much fun playing with all of her friends. I think that I learned the physical capacity of my house - we were crammed in there! It meant the world to me that so many of my friends were able to make it to Ruby's party. I can't believe how lucky that I am to have such amazing friends.

My best friends surprised me that night with a birthday party to celebrate my 30th! We went to Times Ten Cellars in Ft. Worth. I was SO surprised and so happy to get to spend some more time with my friends! I love you girls so much! Thank you for making my day perfect

Ruby's Second Christmas

This was Ruby's second Christmas (officially), however, this is the first one that she's actually been able to enjoy. I brought Ruby home from the hospital on Christmas Eve last year, so she was much more concerned with the eat/sleep/poop routine at that time than the Christmas festivities. Ruby had a ball this year! She was such a good girl with the Christmas decorations and loved to look at our tree. Yes, all of the gifts under the tree are for her. No, she's not spoiled at alllllll! :) We had Christmas Eve at my house, and then spent Christmas day out at my parent's house (after the roads cleared). Ruby got to experience her first White Christmas! I hope that she doesn't begin to think that every year will meet her expectations for one....we do live in Texas, after all. She was fascinated by the snow and spent a lot of time looking out the front window at the winter wonderland. Granny was also here for Christmas, so Ruby had a great time playing with her. No one reads books quite as well as Granny does - I even found myself getting into the plot of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See" when she read it. We got another special 4-generation picture together. It was such a special holiday and it was so wonderful to spend such good quality time with my family. I am so very blessed! Hope that you enjoy some of our pictures. Counting down the days till next Christmas!