Monday, January 18, 2010

Ruby's Second Christmas

This was Ruby's second Christmas (officially), however, this is the first one that she's actually been able to enjoy. I brought Ruby home from the hospital on Christmas Eve last year, so she was much more concerned with the eat/sleep/poop routine at that time than the Christmas festivities. Ruby had a ball this year! She was such a good girl with the Christmas decorations and loved to look at our tree. Yes, all of the gifts under the tree are for her. No, she's not spoiled at alllllll! :) We had Christmas Eve at my house, and then spent Christmas day out at my parent's house (after the roads cleared). Ruby got to experience her first White Christmas! I hope that she doesn't begin to think that every year will meet her expectations for one....we do live in Texas, after all. She was fascinated by the snow and spent a lot of time looking out the front window at the winter wonderland. Granny was also here for Christmas, so Ruby had a great time playing with her. No one reads books quite as well as Granny does - I even found myself getting into the plot of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See" when she read it. We got another special 4-generation picture together. It was such a special holiday and it was so wonderful to spend such good quality time with my family. I am so very blessed! Hope that you enjoy some of our pictures. Counting down the days till next Christmas!