Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Ruby has begun taking ballet classes with Texas Ballet Theater!  I've been a big supporter of TBT for a few years, offering to help whenever I can, not only because some of their staff and their dancers are my closest friends, but also because I believe in promoting the arts in our community!

To say that Ruby loves her ballet class is an understatement.  She now tip-toes through the house in her tutu and will gladly show you some of her latest moves (most of which involve running quickly in a circle).... Hey - the name of the class is "Creative Movement," so I wasn't anticipating an early admission to Juilliard at this point.  The smile on Ruby's face shows me that it is worth it.

Ruby seems to be quite well known up at the TBT Studios - the dancers recognize her and Ruby just basks in the attention.  I hope that Ruby grows to have the same appreciation and love of the arts that I do - it's amazing how much beauty is in our world if you take the time to notice it.

"Tiny had a busy day today."