Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ruby's Big Day is almost here!!!

I had another appointment yesterday with Dr. Dully, and we've scheduled my induction!!! I will be checking into Dallas Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday night (yes, THIS Sunday), and will be induced on Monday, December 22nd! I can't believe that it is almost here!!!

Ruby was measuring at 40-weeks for her fundal height (she's been ahead of the curve for most of the time). I am 2 - 3 cm dilated and 25% effaced, so Dr. Dullye thinks that if I keep making progress that the induction should go well. She sent me in for another unscheduled sonogram to make sure that Ruby's abdominal measurements were closer to what they should be. If they weren't, she was going to schedule me for a "medically necessary" induction. But thankfully, she was right on target! They think that she's going to be about 7 pounds when she's born.

I am so nervous and scared, but really excited to finally get to meet her! It's nice to be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. This pelvic pain has been really tough on me, not to mention having to go through all of this alone for the most part.

Ruby Catherine Shaver will be the best Christmas present that I could have ever asked for. She's going to be such a blessing and I know that she's going to bring so much joy into my life.

Keep us in your prayers on Monday!


Rob and Sarah said...

Congratulations Jae! Please keep me posted and I CAN'T wait to see her! Please send me an email when you can to let me know how you are and how Ruby is. I never told you how much I love her name. I love that you honored Grandma with her beautiful middle name. She would be so excited and touched.
I love you!

Rebecca, Vince and Jacob said...

Congrats, Lets push this induction back a day to the 23rd because really cool Capricorns have Dec 23rd BDays!

Totally Tolers said...

I'm so excited for you, can't wait to see her.