Monday, March 23, 2009

Three whole months!

Ruby is three months old! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. I started back to work last week - I cried the entire way to work last Monday. It broke my heart to leave my sweet sleeping baby. Thankfully I've been so busy trying to get caught back up that the days seem to go by quickly! Ruby has been having such a good time during the day with Nana. I am so thankful that she has been here to help me (and very appreciative of the packing that she's been doing)! Here are a few pictures of the sweet girl. She's still such a good baby - hardly ever cries, sleeps relatively well, and is always ready with a big gummy smile and a giggle.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ruby's playdate

We spent the rainy afternoon yesterday up at Jonnye Bower's house - we ordered Chinese delivery (Jonnye and I) and had a fun playdate (Ruby and Alina). If you remember, Alina was born within minutes of Ruby on December 22. Ruby's first-ever playdate was with Alina during her newborn photo shoot. It was great to get to sepnd time with Jonnye - I always leave so much more knowledgeable than I was before. My big take-home from this last visit was that everything isn't always life-or-death with your first born, contrary to the new mommy instincts. I had a great time, as always, and can't wait to do it again!

Here are a few fun pictures of Ruby and her friend Alina. So cute!! Any new moms out there, check out Jonnye's blog and website (link to the right of my page) - she's an amazing photographer and the sweetest person in the world!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Other big news!!!

We got an offer on our house! I couldn't be happier about the whole situation. The couple that is buying it is so sweet - they've been married 2 years and this is their first home. It's such a small world and it turns out that I met her mother at a church in the area last year! We're supposed to close on the house on April 6th.

Also, I put an offer on a house in Fort Worth yesterday too! Say some prayers for me - that the sellers accept an offer that I can live with! The house is soooo sweet - it's a bungalow-style home that was built in the 1920's, complete with hardwood floors and stained-glass windows. It has been completely renovated, so the kitchen has granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. I think it would be the perfect house. We will be so much closer to my parents and Damian's parents so that they can help with Ruby while I'm at work. It will be nice to get a fresh start for myself.

I don't know how I deserve to have such amazing friends. My roommate, Ashley, is going to be moving with me! She's one of the biggest blessings in my life and I'm literally in tears when I think about what a wonderful person and friend that she is.

Finally, I'll post and update and some more pictures!

I know, I know. It's been entirely too long since I updated my blog! But in my defense, if given the opportunity of typing on a computer or spending time with sweet little Ruby, can you blame me?

So much has happened! We took Ruby for her 2-month pediatrician's appointment and shots at the end of February. One of the vaccines is oral, and due to her 'overly-sensitive gag reflex', she ended up throwing up all over one of the nurses. But she managed to keep most of the vaccine down, so that was the main point. Ruby is so sweet and trusting and innocent - she was smiling SO big at the nurse, she thought that she had made a new friend. When out of nowhere the nice nurse jabbed a needle in Ruby's thigh - the look on Ruby's face just broke my heart! She only cried for a minute though and was back to smiling in no time. Here are Ruby's 2-month stats:

Height - 24 inches (95th Percentile!!!)
Weight - 12 pounds 2.5 ounces (90th Percentile!!!)
Head Circumference - 39cm (60th Percentile)

She's still a tall baby!!! I've been saying that I can't believe how big she has gotten, but I really can't! At the time she was close to outgrowing her 3-month clothes!

Ruby's Baptism was the next weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony - she was baptized by Father Matthew at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Carrollton in a private ceremony after mass on February 22 (Ruby's 2-month birthday). Ruby has 7 Godparents! Grandpa (my dad) is our token Catholic Godparent, and the others are Allie & Elliott, Lindsay & Paul, and Andrea & Robbie. Ruby is going to be so very blessed to have these people in her life. I honestly don't think it's possible for a Grandpa to love his granddaughter more than my dad loves Ruby. Ruby's face lights up every time she sees him - it's so sweet. Allie has promised to teach Ruby about grace and to make sure that she is an accomplished dancer. Lindsay is responsible for Ruby's athletic development (if anyone knows where we can find a toddler-trailer for a bike, let me know!), and Andrea will make sure that Ruby has an incredible sense of style! Their respective husbands will prove to Ruby that there are good men in the world. Paul is already researching the tournament schedules for Ruby's golf career, and Elliott and Robbie will be able to teach her how to manage her finances, or at least her allowance. The preist kind of chuckled when he saw the group of Godparents heading up for the ceremony, but it was clear to everyone how special that Ruby was and how loved she is by everyone.
Here are a few more fun pictures. Daddy bought me and Ruby matching pajamas - they're just adorable! Ruby is growing like crazy! She still won't take a bottle (Little Miss Drama always gags and screams when we try to give her one). I go back to work in a week, so I'm sure that the first week back is going to be rough on poor Ruby - but probably even more rough on poor Nana who is going to be watching her!!! If anyone has any advice, please let me know! We've tried all of the typical "tricks" - having someone else give her the bottle when I'm not around, giving it to her when she's not fussy, we've tried 3 different types of bottles, etc. Nothing works. She's stubborn (I have absolutely no idea where she got that!).