Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a month!

It's been quite an eventful month for Ruby, who is now officially 6 months old! She's now sitting up on her own and is very close to crawling. Her favorite thing to do is bounce. And bounce. And bounce. And bounce. See video below to witness how dang happy my baby is - I wish I got that excited about anything!

Ruby not only started on rice cereal this month (yes, the look on her face is one of sheer terror)......

But she also had her first food! We tried squash for the first time on June 28th. She helped me pick out the exact one, we talked about it, and she was very excited about it! Yay Ruby! She's very proud of herself here.

But unfortunately she didn't like it either. I'm not sure if it's the taste, or just the fact that it's on a spoon. I've heard that we just have to be persistent, so squash it is until she gets the hang of it! In her defense, I tried a bite and I would've hated it too...

Ruby also took her first out-of-state trip! We went to Madison, Wisconsin, for a week for my work. My mom and Ruby came along and enjoyed the slightly cooler weather up north. It was Ruby's first time to fly and, I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous. I've heard such horror stories and I know that feeling of defeat when you realize that a mother with a small child is sitting next to you on the plane. I didn't want to be "that lady". Well, lucky for everyone, Ruby is a champion flier! I nursed her on take-off and landing, she slept most of the way, and was just smiling at everyone the rest of the time! She makes friends quite easily. In fact, on the flight home, a woman stopped us as we were boarding and said "Hi Ruby, have a good flight!" She was on our flight up to Madison and remembered Ruby! Everyone at the hotel in Madison just loved Ruby. She even got some gifts from the hotel management! Shameless plug - if you're ever in that part of Wisconsin, stay at the Concourse Hotel - it's wonderful! Here's a picture of Ruby and I at dinner at the Old Fashioned in Madison next to the capitol - and of course, we had to have fried cheese curds - yum!Ruby had a big play-date on that Friday morning too - she got to play with her new friends Emily, Zander (who was one week old!), and Oliver for the morning. Here's a cute picture of Ruby and Emme. I wish we lived closer together - Ruby had so much fun with her! Big thanks to Teresa and Kacey for baby-sitting her that morning, and congratulations to Kacey on her new baby boy!!