Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Triplet's Baptism

Ruby and I attended the baptism of the triplets today! In the picture above, left to right (I'm pretty sure) is Jackson, Adelaide, and Carter. They were such sweet little angels all day long. After the ceremony, there was a reception over at Lindsay & Paul's house. Here are a few pictures from the party. It was great, as always! Check out their blog - the link is on my list - "Hat Trick". They are the sweetest babies ever and Ruby is so excited to have her three friends in the neighborhood! She also got to spend some time with Hazel, who is Andrea & Robbie's beautiful baby girl. Ruby had a ball at the party - talking to Norman (their pug), opening & closing doors over and over again, and doing whatever she needed to do to ensure that she was the center of attention. She is such a little ham!

The best friends I could ever ask for!

Ruby doing some Quality Control checks on the Trio's bouncy seats. She's such a good helper!

Mommy and Ruby - cute picture, but I didn't realize that her hand was down my shirt... Sorry! :)

Hazel, Ruby, and Addie - BFFs!