Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Night-night, sweet angel.

Ruby continues to amaze me every day - she is learning so much so quickly! She is so sweet when she's getting ready for bed. She insists on saying "ni-ni" or "bye-bye" to literally everything in the world before she goes to bed. She doesn't discriminate - she says it to me, all of her dolls, her shoes, her boo-boo's, her water, really everything that she can think of. Each night we say our nighttime prayers right before I put her in her crib. She's picked up on the words "Jesus" and "Amen" and frequently reminds me of both words during our prayers. The other night we had finished her prayers and I put her in her crib. Here's our conversation.

"Bye-bye Mama"

"Good night sweet baby, I love you"

"Ni-ni Desus"

"Oh, how sweet. Night night, Jesus."

"Bye-bye Amen"

"Hahahaha! Oh, so very thoughtful. Good night, Amen."

I snuck in the other morning and got a picture of her sleeping. This is her favorite position - arms tucked underneath her with her little tush up in the air. You can also see the back of her favorite doll - the Dora doll. She's officially obsessed.... I know it's not the best picture, I took it on my phone and then brightened it a lot so you could see her. She is just so sweet and so funny!


Amy said...

lololol - she sleeps almost like her Uncle Greg!