Monday, September 27, 2010

Summer days drifting away...

We've had such a fun summer! Every single day has been a new adventure with little Miss Ruby. I will admit though, I am SO excited that fall is finally here! This is my absolute favorite time of the year and I plan to enjoy as much of the wonderful weather outside with Ruby as possible.

I took Ruby to "A Day in the District" here in Ft. Worth - if you're not familiar with this, a lot of museums in the Cultural District offer free admission and several performing arts groups give free performances. We braved the torrential rain and started at the Modern. There, we saw a short performance by the Fort Worth Opera of Billy Goats Gruff - it was about a 30-minute opera that was geared towards kids. And I have news, Ruby loves the opera! She was enthralled the entire time watching the people sing and dance and also trying to imitate the pianist. After the opera performance, we headed over to the Fort Worth Science & History Museum (our second time to visit). Ruby had such a big time in the Children's Museum section. She spent over an hour in there, running around like crazy.
That afternoon, she and I snuggled up on my bed (while college football was on in the background) and took a two-hour nap. It. Was. Glorious. There's really nothing better than having Ruby snuggle up to me and hearing her sweet sigh. Loved it! That evening, Kayleb and I took Ruby on a walk to Curly's for ice cream. It was the perfect end to the perfect day.

I'm sure I've mentioned this a million times before, but I have the best friends ever! I was invited to the opening of Blue Sushi (it just opened up near Eddie V's) for a complementary multi-course dinner. It was soooooo yummy! I can't say enough great things about that restaurant. Delicious food, cool atmosphere, friendly staff, and it's just right down the street! It's very reasonably priced too, so I'll definitely be back! Here are a few pics with Kayleb, me, LeeAnne, and Tom.
Last night we took dinner over to Lindsay & Paul's. I told Ruby earlier in the day that we were going to have dinner with the triplets - to say that she was excited would be a drastic understatement. When she woke up from her nap, I heard her on the baby monitor jumping up and down in her crib saying "Addddddiiiieeee, Tartarrrrr, Dack! Yay! Fun! Yay!" (Addie, Carter, and Jack). She had a fun night playing with the babies - but they're almost not babies any more! Their 1-year birthday is coming up soon!!! They are doing so great and have the funniest little personalities. Ruby really enjoyed getting to share her food with the babies. She also had an absolute blast dancing with Linds - she's a pro at marching, clapping, and doing this funny little twist move.
Check out this hair!!!!

It's been a great week - looking forward to yet another one!