Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun day at the zoo!

On Saturday morning, bright and early (had to beat the crowds), Ruby and I loaded up and went down the street to the Fort Worth Zoo. We are so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing zoo close to our neighborhood!

Ruby absolutely adores the zoo and this Saturday was no different. She had a perma-smile on her face the whole day - well, until it was time to say "bye-bye" to the zoo and ooohhh, those tears were real.

She's already talking about our next trip, which she had mentally scheduled for today. She was none-too-pleased when she realized that I was off to work instead. It looks like a season pass is a purchase that will be in my immediate future. Ruby and the Meerkats. She kept asking where Diego was. Note to self: don't let Ruby watch quite so much tv.

Ruby explaining to me which giraffes were the mama ones and which giraffes were the baby ones. She's quite the subject-matter-expert.

Ruby and the "ew-wa-pant"

Ruby loved watching the jaguar. She made me take about 10 pictures with her and the jaguar. And she screamed "Mrow Mrow!" at it the entire time.

At one point, I believe near the hippos, Ruby was so incredibly excited that she broke out into a spontaneous dance.

Outside the Museum of Living Art (MOLA). Such a cool exhibit. I knew this could've gone one of two ways. Either Ruby would leave crying and terrified after seeing the animals and bugs inside, or I would.....

Ruby was quite impressed with the big "croc-e-dyle". But more impressed with the turtles. She asked if I would let her get in there to hug the turtles. Nope, sorry kiddo.

She makes my heart so happy.


The Charlatan Scribe said...

Ruby is gorgeous and looks to be full of Life and Light. You are blessed. I am sending Love to your little family. Keep up the good work of being a single mom. It's the hardest job in the world, but the most rewarding. <3 In addition the meerkats are out favorite exhibit. Wambats and meerkats!!