Thursday, August 18, 2011

A day in the life...

Welcome to a typical "Day in the Life of Little Miss Ruby." My name is Mommy and I'll be your host today. The people closest to Ruby also refer to me as the "hired help."

Ruby's day typically begins between 6:00am and 6:30am. I am tip-toe-ing through the house, trying to make a cup of coffee on "stealth mode," and mentally willing my shower to be silent. For the most part, this usually works and I can successfully get ready for work independently. When Ruby wakes up, this girl wakes up. It doesn't matter where I am in the house, I can her the resounding "MAMA, WHERE ARE YYYOOOOOOUUUUUUU????" I spring into action.

After her wake-up notification, Ruby enjoys a leisurly pre-breakfast breakfast of a sippy-cup full of milk enjoyed with a banana. She insists on eating her milk & banana combo in mommy's bed while watching Finding Nemo (for the eleventy-billionth time). It works out well, because I enjoy putting on my makeup while recieving compliments such as "Mommy, you are soooooo beautiful." Great way to start any day!

After this, she excitedly waits for Nana's arrival. I know that Ruby loves me, but Ruby loooooves her Nana.

Ruby and her "Vewy best fwiend in the whole wide world"

I don't have any pictures of what happens between the hours of 6:45am and 5:45pm. During those hours, I'm at work. My day consists of audits, emails, science, meetings, report-writing, grown-up boring stuff, blah blah blah...... Ruby's day consists of FUN! MUSEUMS! STORYTIME! SNACKS! CANDY! WATCHING WHATEVER I WANT ON TV! MORE FUN! BOOKS! TOYS! NANA! FUN! FUN! FUN!

When I finally walk in the door, Ruby greets me with a big grin and a hug. She tells Nana "Adios, Nana! See you manana!" (Yes, she know a significant amount of Spanish at this point - much more than I do.) Then she goes right back to watching Little Einsteins or Dora while I fix dinner.

Yay! It's dinner time!

Oh, mommy, you're so funny!!!

Ruby "taking a picture" of mommy who is taking a picture of Ruby.

Silly faces

After dinner we head out to the trampoline in the back yard. Yes, I brave the 110+ degree temperatures because this face? Totally worth it.

Another self-portrait of the two of us. Single moms definitely need a third arm. Someone needs to work on that....

Bath time! We're both a sweaty, hot mess at this point, so we (I) tend to look forward to this part of our day.

Ruby's "thinking face." You can almost see the wheels turning...

Clean and dry! My little duckie.

Yes, Ruby can scale her changing table. Yes, she can virtually diaper herself. No, she shows absolutely ZERO interest in potty-training. Bribes don't work. Peer pressure doesn't work. Forcing her doesn't work. I think in her mind, she honestly believes that's what the "hired help" (aka Mommy) is here for. I figure, she won't head off to kindergarten in diapers. We'll get there eventually. Probably right after I buy a jumbo-box of diapers at Sam's. Isn't that how it always works out?

All ready for bed!

Ruby tells Baby Ruby goodnight every night.

Eskimo kisses with Mommy.

Ruby in her crib with her entourage. In the corner is Tabby, who was my teddy bear when Iwas growing up. She doesn't really play with him but likes for him to keep watch over her at night. Left-to-right in her arms is Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and her "Bunny" which is actually a little lamb lovee. She's always called it her bunny. I pick my battles. She has a mini-pillow, which I have to fluff every night. She covers up with her Blankie (I have 2 back-up blankies after hearing horror stories from friends). It has to be exactly like this every night, with each stuffed animal in their designated positions, otherwise we ARE NOT going to bed.

We don't like to think of it as O.C.D. We prefer "attention to detail".......

We say our four prayers, then "Sweet Dreams" "I love you" and "Night night". Hearing "I wuv you too, mommy," as I walk out the door puts a smile on my face as I go to bed.