Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun fall weekend!

We had such a fun weekend last weekend!  After making an executive decision on Friday and skipping out from work during the afternoon, Ruby and I had a fantastic lunch with a huge group of our friends - Allie (who was in town from Austin), Lauren, Francis, Lindsay, Nanny Kelly, Addie, Jack, Carter, Blair, and Hogan!  We didn't happen to get a group picture - it was hectic enough trying to wrangle all of those kids.  We also ran into tons of friends there that we haven't seen in a while!  We miss Ashley and Tinsley and need to have a play-date soon!

After our fun lunch, we went to get a quick mani/pedi - and Ruby got her first pedicure with Francis!  They just loved it and were such good girls. 
The cheese-balls and their twinkle-toes.

On Saturday we went to a cookout at the Triplets' house.  Paul cooked some serious BBQ and the kids played for hours!  Ruby was super sweet with Addie.  It's so funny, when you talk to Ruby about her friends she becomes incredibly possessive.  "It's 'MY Addie."  Not just Addie, but her Addie.  She will correct you each and every time unless you say it the way she instructs you to.

Representing the Big 12

All four kiddos swinging at the same time!
Ruby with Carter, Addie with Jack



It was quite the sports-fest that evening too - thank goodness for digital cable multi-view.  Honestly, I don't know how people functioned 15 years ago.  We were able to simultaneously watch the Baylor game, the A&M game (WHOOP!!!!!!!), and the Ranger's game!  To top the night off, a big storm blew in and we got a glorious full night and day of rain! 

We always have the best time at Lindsay & Paul's house - we are so incredibly blessed to have them as friends and love them so much!

On Sunday night, Ruby hosted her first Pumpkin Carving Party!  I'll post pictures of it soon.