Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Sweet Girl

I had Ruby's 4th Birthday party a bit early this year.  Her actual birthday is December 22, so if we want any friends to be able to attend a party, realistically we either have to have it in early December or early January. 

In related news......I'm about to have a FOUR YEAR OLD...... How did this happen so quickly???

This year, Ruby wanted a Ballerina Birthday.  As I've mentioned before, we have several dear friends at Texas Ballet Theater and that is where Ruby takes ballet lessons.  What more perfect of a party than to go to see a ballet performance?! 

Even though I try my hardest to really separate Ruby's birthday from Christmas festivities (I want her to feel special - I've grown up with the same issue as a Jan 4th b-day), I got second-row tickets for the group to see The Nutcracker. 
I woke up that morning, and it dawned on me.....what on earth was I thinking???  I'm taking a group of 3 and 4-year olds to Bass Hall to see a 2+ hour classical ballet and we are sitting front and center.  Smart thinking, mama.
Guess what - the day was PERFECT.  The kids were absolutely mesmerized by the goregous performance (by the way, TBT's Nutcracker is probably one of the best in the US).  Everyone was very excited but they were so well behaved.  Ruby recognized our friends on stage and would wave at them "Miss Angela!  Hi, Miss Michelle!"  I tried to explain that they couldn't stop their performance to wave back at her, but she did get a few winks from some of the girls.
After the performance, Ruby and her guests were given a back-stage tour where they got to say hello to some of the dancers (Robin Bangert and Carrie Judson are pictured here).  Ruby got to take a special photo with Ben Stevenson, the Artistic Director of the ballet. 
Then the kids were allowed to go out on the stage of Bass Hall and help George, the Production Manager for the ballet, collect handfuls of snow from the performance. 
 The birthday group on the stage - from L to R - Addie, Ella, Frances, Ruby, Isaac (notice the hand-holding action going on there!), and Hazel
Ruby giving George a thank-you hug
 Collecting snow

 Some of my best friends, Andrea and Lindsay with their sweet girls Hazel and Addie

 Ruby's boyfriend, Isaac, and his goregous mama, Stephanie

 Addie and Hazel

 Before the ballet, we made a quick stop (and wardrobe change) to see Santa in downtown Fort Worth.  I think that Ruby is part elf anyway, she sings Christmas carols all year long and I've never seen a level of enthusiasm for Christmas quite this high.  She was so excited to see Santa - when it was her turn, she ran up to his sleigh, climbed in his lap, and hugged him like a long lost friend.  After a long conversation regarding what a good girl she had been all year and a verbal submission of gift requests, the pictures were taken.  Santa gave a big ho-ho-ho as she walked away and said "Bye, Santa!  I love you!"

Happy birthday to my sweet angel.  I am so proud of you and I couldn't possibly love you more than I do.  You make my heart smile and I am so blessed to be your mommy.