Monday, July 27, 2009

Seven Whole Months!

Wow - seven months has flown by!!! I can't believe how big that Ruby is - I can honestly tell that she grows every day. To put it in perspective, here's a picture of her from the other day and one of her on the day that I brought her home from the hospital.

I bought her a "big-girl" carseat - a Britax Marathon. She's pretty much outgrown this one, so it's time to move on. Just in the nick of time too - carrying around her and the carseat has to be easily 50 lbs. Great for an upper-body workout, but it wears me out! I'm hoping that she likes her new one.
In other Big Ruby News, she has her first tooth! It came in yesterday - it's the bottom front left tooth. Her other front tooth should be coming in any day now too. I guess that I missed this in all of my reading, but I didn't realize how jagged baby teeth were. It's like I'm breastfeeding a shark. Not sure if you can see her new pearly white in this picture, but it's definitely there!

Ruby is getting the hang of baby food. She still hates squash, carrots, and rice cereal (with a passion). Oddly enough, the one food that she actually likes is prunes. Yuck - she can have them! :)
Here's a fun video of her crawling. She's still a little awkward at it, but she's getting the hang of it. I don't think it's possible for her to be any cuter!


Totally Tolers said...

Ruby is getting to big and prescious! Great choice on the Britax Marathon Car seat. One of my Best Friends was in a terrible car accident which rolled the SUV, she and others had injuries but her baby (6 months at the time) didn't even have a scratch on her. She fully credits the Marathon as the best car seat there is. When she went to write them about getting a new cover (because the old one had splattered blood on it from the passenger) they gave her a new cover and a brandnew car seat (which she didn't ask for.) They insisted that once their car seat had been in any accident to never re-use it and sent her a whole new car seat for free.
Just wanted to pass that along.
Take Care