Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Miss Jet-Setter

I just got back from a two-week trip to Madison, Wisconsin, for my work. Thankfully Ruby and my mom were able to travel with me! Madison is such a great town - the weather was absolutely gorgeous, the people are great, and there is so much to do. We had a really fun time while we were up there!

Ruby was a champ on the flights again. I am sooooooo thankful that she's a good baby on the plane. But I don't think I'm nearly as thankful as the people sitting around us! She got so many compliments on what a good baby she was - it made mama proud!

A little travel tip for any moms out there - if you're going somewhere for longer than a week, don't bring any toys! I know that sounds strange, but I have the best thing to do. We found a cute little resale shop up in Madison and worked with the manager. We explained our situation and he let us purchase enough toys for two weeks, then sell them back to him at the end of the trip. We shipped some of Ruby's favorites home, but sold most of the big stuff back. It worked out great! She had a TON of toys - our hotel room looked like a daycare! Saved a lot of $$ too compared to some of those toy rental services that you see on the internet.

While up in Madison, we spent a lot of time in the downtown area near our hotel and the capital and we spent a few evenings over at our friend Teresa's beautiful home. Ruby and Nana went to the Madison Zoo one day (Ruby was more interested in the other kids than anything else). On Saturday we were official Wisconsinites - we went to the amazing farmer's market on the square, ate fresh cheese curds and sweet corn, had lunch at State Street Brats, then ended the evening with some Spotted Cow (Wisconsin beer) and watched the Packer's game!

I haven't put our suitcases up yet because we are leaving on Tuesday for Honolulu for almost two weeks!! I am so excited about this trip - I can't wait to see Ruby at the beach. This will be the first time that I've ever had any free time while I am in Honolulu too, so it will be nice to get a day or two of rest & relaxation (or frenzied sight-seeing and shopping while wrangling a very mobile 8 month old....)

Which reminds me, Ruby now has 4 teeth - her two top ones came in last week. Good for her, bad for me - she drew blood the other day when she was nursing - ouch! She is on the move too - we can't keep up with her! If you set her down in one room and turn around to do something, she's gone by the time you turn back around. She's also learned how to wave at people which might be the cutest thing ever because she's actually just waving at herself. And the biggest news of all - she said "mama" for the first time!! It brought tears to my eyes and I was so happy that was her first word! I know that some people might think I'm crazy, but I swear her second word is "grandpa". You have to hear her say it - it is hysterical! It ends up coming out more like "bumpa", but it's her favorite word. She knows what she is saying too - she says it all the time around my dad or when we're talking to him on the phone. I have a genious baby. Very sweet!

Stay tuned for photos from our Honolulu trip - I need to clear off my memory card and charge my batteries because I know I'll go picture crazy!!