Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quite the conversationalist

Ruby and I had, what I believe to be, our very first conversation the other night! She had taken a bath and we were putting her into her pajamas, which were pajama pants with pink & blue hearts and a pink t-shirt with a bulldog on it wearing a princess crown. She absolutely loves that shirt (see previous posts about her love for dogs) and was a tad over-excited about her eveningwear.

Me: Ruby, what is on your shirt?

Ruby: *pause and look* DOG!!!!

Me: Good girl! What is on the dog's head?

Ruby: *pause and look* HAT!!!

Me: Very good! What color is the hat?

Ruby: *look again* PINK!!!

Me: You are so smart!! *begin to put her pajama bottoms on*

Ruby: Dog, eat?

Me: Your dog wants to eat? She's hungry?

Ruby: Yes.

Me: What does your dog want to eat?

Ruby: *thoughtful pause* Cheese.

Me: So, let me get this straight. The bulldog with the pink hat on your pajamas has let you know that she is hungry and would like some cheese?

Ruby: Yes.

She is so funny! And she is getting more and more opinionated each passing second. We also had our first fight the other day - it was regarding which bow she would wear to church. We had differing opinions, and I lost.....

I'm eagerly awaiting to see what else Ruby has to say!