Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spring Catch-Up

I know - I'm the worst blogger ever. Ruby and I have been so busy lately just living life! She's such a handful now and is officially opinionated. She has very strong opinions about the oddest things - she insists on selecting her bow each morning and actually does a pretty good job of matching to her outfit. She prefers mushrooms sauteed in butter and sherry as opposed to those sauteed in olive oil and garlic. She loves risotto but isn't crazy about couscous. She'll eat grilled asparagus like it's candy. And yes, several people have commented on the fact that it's weird that she likes these things, but I'm not complaining! She hates her swimming pool (see evidence below) but loves taking a bath and cries when bathtime is over. Her favorite color is now pink (shocking) and her favorite animal is still a duck. She is absolutely terrified of school busses and loves to have her back rubbed. It's so fun to discover her little quirks as her personality is really developing. We have so much fun together and she's still the funniest person that I know.
Ruby is getting really vocal and tells me stories all day long. I catch a word or two here and there, which is pretty amusing. She knows a lot of animal noises (meow, woof, quack, baaa) and some colors (pink, yellow, bue, and green). She can say the entire alphabet with you and is able to recognize about 10 letters on her own. I have an adorable video of her in the bathtub saying her ABC's, but I'm sure that if I posted it she would potentially kill me 20 years down the line when her boyfriend sees it. But take my word for it, she's got the hang of the whole alphabet thing.

Ruby has also begun to discover her artistic talents. We did a few of these original pieces of art for Mother's Day this year and Ruby had a ball. We also made a corresponding photo book to go with the painting for Nana - she loved it and shows it off to all of her friends! Here are a few fun ones.

It's getting way too hot, way too early here in Texas. As we will most likely be confined to the air-conditioned paradise of our home I should get better about updating the blog....but no promises!
Happy June!
Ruby & Jaedeanne